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Animal 4D+ Food Cards

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Let's make the animals starve no more! One pack of Animal 4D+ Food Series contains  five (5) food cards: Banana, Grass, Flower, Mosquito, and Carrot. Developed specifically for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, users can feed the animals  by combining both the Animal 4D+ flashcards and  Animal4D+ Food cards engaging with Animal 4D+ App. This feature gives you more than just having an elephant on the palm of your hands. Launch the Animal 4D+ App and tap the banana icon on the bottom left hand side of the screen to start feeding the animals.



The feeding mode feature captivates both children and adults. This interactivity taps user's imagination and knowledge about the animal with its associated food. Once user placed the animal and food cards side by side, the animal will instantly chase their specific type of food, for e.g. the frog will only chase the mosquito and the elephant will only chase the grass. This feature also implants in our minds about the the dietary class of each animal; the frog is not a herbivore, but an insectivore.


Food Cards & Associated Animals:

1. Banana: Monkey

2. Grass: Cow, Elephant, & Horse

3. Flower: Queen Bee

4. Carrot: Rabbit

5. Mosquito: Frog


How to use:

  1. Download Animal 4D+ App
  2. Open the app and tap the banana icon on the bottom lefthand side of the screen
  3. Place the Animal 4D+ Food Series card close to its associated Animal 4D+ card
  4. Scan the cards and see the animals interacting with the food
  5. Have fun feeding the animals!

One pack contains 5 food cards:

  1. Banana
  2. Grass
  3. Flower
  4. Mosquito
  5. Carrot


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