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Be Our Exclusive Distributor!

Get Various Benefits:

  1. Exert control over retailers, educational or the whole market in your country of choice
  2. The rights to manufacture our products locally, minimize shipping cost and eliminate import hassles
  3. The chance to purchase our products at production cost
  4. Integrate the native language of your target country’s market into our apps' language selections
  5. The rights to modify and print your company’s logo into our products’ packaging as co-branding license holder
  6. Access to marketing material designs, including banners, backdrops, brochures, product images and display racks
  7. Get your name and contact information featured on our official Octagon Studio Exclusive Distributor webpage
  8. Get the latest updates on our newest and upcoming products and features
  9. Octagon Studio official Facebook page for your country of choice
  10. An official Exclusive Distributor Certificate issued to your company

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