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About Our Products

Octagon Studio is a creative IT and multimedia company based in Ireland and Indonesia. We have produced numerous unique products for children and adults alike with the aid of Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies. Since we believe in the power of fun education, we innovate the integration of mobile apps and flashcards to display augmented 4D models of animals, space objects, delightful characters with various professions, and even bring ancient dinosaurs back to life in front of your eyes! Learning the alphabets, English, and broadening our horizons with new knowledge have never been so much fun.

Our company also introduce the appeal of Augmented Reality to the fashion industry through our AR clothing line and Wear 4D+ app. Furthermore, we also take entertainment and adventure to a higher level with the immersive experience of Virtual Reality accessible through our VR headset and devices. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a wide range of 360-degree panoramas when our devices take you on engaging voyages and astonishing places; real or not. The modern era of AR and VR is truly here, and Octagon Studio profoundly believes in the boundless possibilities that they can bring into our lives.