Octagon 4D+

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How much is the shipping fee?
A : We are using JNE delivery service. You can check the shipping rate on their website http://jne.co.id However, once you have sent us the online form, you will receive the total payment which includes the shipping cost to your address.

Q : Do you ship internationally?
A : Yes we do. But the international shipping cost would be more expensive than the pack of cards itself. If you’re totally okay with that we would love to send it to you. Once you have sent us the online form, we will send you the detail of the shipping cost.

Q : How many cards are inside the pack?
A : One pack of cards consist of 26 illustrated cards + 1 instruction card.

Q : Do you provide Cash on Delivery?
A : Unfortunately, we do not provide Cash on Delivery at the moment. We are using JNE service for all shipping deliveries and payments are made via BANK TRANSFER only.

Q : Can I get a discount?
A : Sorry, it’s a fixed price.

Q : Do you welcome a reseller?
A : Yes we do, if you’re interested you can drop us an email to [email protected] and we will reply your email within 1-3 business days.

Q : Can I place my order across the telephone?
A : We can only process orders placed through the website. This policy ensures that we can accept your orders quickly and that your details are kept secure throughout the ordering process.

Q : Can you provide tracking numbers for our package?
A : Yes, once we have dispatched your package, we can email you the tracking number within 24 hours.

Q : What are the minimum specifications for mobile devices to run the 4D+ App?
A : For iOS devices, iOS 5 is the minimum requirement and for Android devices are Android 2.2 Gingerbread. Please make sure that you have a built in camera phone to enter the AR mode and have a spare memory on your mobile device to run the app properly. However, we have created the Lite version for low spec mobile device. It is also available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Q : I'm using iOS devices. Why do I need WiFi to download the Animal 4D+ App?
A : You need WiFi access to download, because the current size of the app is over 100MB. However, we will downgrade the size of the Animal 4D+ App, and it will be ready to download on the App Store by the end of April 2015.

Q : I tried to scan but when I entered the AR mode, my screen went blank. Why?
A : You may go to your settings and allow the camera to access the app. If you still find a problem, you may directly email us [email protected]

Q : Do you have any other series beside the Animal 4D+?
A : We are currently developing other kind of series in our studio. Stay tuned! :)